October 11, 2017

About Us

Capricorn Consultants is a Coimbatore based firm offering top-notch services in the realms of International as well as domestic Staffing, Seller onboarding & Catalog Management for eCommerce portals. Established in 2010, we’re a highly qualified and skilled team of professionals who deliver services above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our Motto

Our motto is to deliver extraordinary services coupled with a no-sales culture. We ceaselessly strive to create a significant edge over the competition, for all of our clients. We aim to deliver value to each and every client that we associate with, on a domestic level as well as on a global front.

Our Team

The team at Capricorn Consultants is a highly motivated and self-driven group of professionals who have worked with some of the biggest firms to deliver stellar consulting services. We’ve chosen mavens from the field of eCommerce Catalog Management, Seller On-boarding and Customer Support who have portrayed a proven track record of delivering above and beyond customer expectations.

The entire team at Capricorn Consultants works with a singular motive – to deliver value with innovation. Our systematic brainstorming sessions help us delve into our services and business processes to persistently evolve. We’re a dynamic team of seasoned professionals backed by strong expertise.

To know us better and to understand how our brilliant team can bring success to your organization, contact us today!

Our Quality Promise

Each of our processes follows a rigorous workflow which qualifies international standards of quality and information security. Be it Customer Support, Seller On-boarding or eCommerce Cataloging, we understand that data is sensitive and at all times, must be treated with high confidentiality. Our robust and secure infrastructure ensures we are technically equipped to handle your data in a secure way.

Additionally, we have stringent floor restrictions as well as stout software implementations that allow us to practice security and confidentiality at a deeper and more profound level.

Our team is dedicated to helping your organization achieve newer epitomes of success and we know that all of this starts with a combination of great infrastructure, strong software security and of course, a motivated team!

So, reach out to us if you’re looking for this potent combination, and we promise to deliver our best.

How we work

Every requirement from you goes through a thorough analysis and gets deputed to the corresponding process – namely, Seller On-boarding, eCommerce Cataloging or Customer Support. We also have comprehensive tailored solutions for clients who’re looking to avail multiple services off our platter.

Each process has an established workflow that centrally aligns with the following 3—step strategy:

  • Receive: Involves requirement gathering and collection of process specific data/information. This may involve workshops and sessions with you, your team or a SPoC that your appoint.
  • Process: This is where our team of experts translate your requirements into results. This phase usually follows a workflow unique to each process.
  • Update & Gauge: This is an ongoing practice that revolves around keeping you updated on the work status on a regular basis and constantly measuring the value that you achieve by availing our services.

Capricorn Consultants are of the very few in the industry who run a “did-we-do-it-right” check on services that we offer to our clients. This secret sauce is what makes us consistent in delivering value to our clients and forging durable relationships across the globe. Try us, and you’ll know why we’re a winning choice for your organization.

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