A Rewarding Seller On-boarding Process for Your Marketplace

The success of your marketplace predominantly depends on the number of sellers on-board, and how their products, cost of products is relevant to your global policy. Getting help from an expert on seller on-boarding services will make sure your seller on-boarding and development is processed efficiently.

The sellers’ on-boarding phase plays a vital role in the marketplace cycle. Sellers determine the magnitude of your products offered and thereby the growth of your business – The more the merrier!

The actual challenge begins after premium sellers are appointed. You have to ensure that sellers are successful in the marketplace and they continue contributing to the business.

So, what makes your sellers successful? Here are two suggestions to keep them on the right track.

Scalable Seller on-boarding Process

The moment a seller is inducted into the marketplace, their on-boarding process should have  simple and comfortable steps to make him feel confident and at ease. This guarantees a scalable process, contributing to the continuous growth of the business, contrary to being slowed down by issues on sellers’ marketplace operations. This can be carried out efficiently by using relevant tools and resources. Always, motivate sellers to share their complete catalog making sure it harmonizes with your inventory strategy.

For instance, Capricorn Consultants offer personalized support services to the sellers, ensuring that their transition into marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or yours, is smooth. We encourage a strong bonding between your operator and the seller by assisting sellers to map their inventories and much more. Similarly, operators allow automated product selection by importing products in line with the marketplace. When your product line is well within the Product Information Management Systems, managing a unique product database and updates on sellers’ products is easy.

Design your Marketplace seller  guide

For a successful marketplace, a thorough training mechanism should be developed for your partners. Sellers are given a favorable environment where they are successful in your marketplace. Top performers in the business get dedicated account management resources to enhance their success.

A comprehensive guide dedicated to boosting sales in your marketplace should include product catalog with mapping details, seller on-boarding price authorization and optimize sellers’ product visibility. Along with the guide, the sellers should be made aware of the product promotions, discounts offered, the seasonal sensitivity of the products. This promotes visibility to the customers and a friction-free on-boarding process.

The key to a great sellers’ experience is by offering quality sellers on-boarding services. This generates positive growth indicators, easy to set-up shop, integrate product catalogs and accelerate sales.

Our talented team at Capricorn Consultants is committed to creating a seamless and swift seller on-boarding process for your Marketplace platform. Contact us for a discussion on how we can create a win-win situation for your Marketplace.