October 11, 2017

Quality customer support services


Nothing better than being always available for your consumers even when you’re not physically present at the office. In today’s customer support standards, an answering machine is not only highly ineffective but downright irksome to your customers. Capricorn Consultants appoint an agent to take your calls and attend to your customers with the same dexterity and concern that you would show.

  • We take messages from callers
  • We notify them of messages you’ve left for them
  • We assist the callers in whatever way possible
  • Highly professional and way better than an answering machine
  • A human touch to customer support


Capricorn Consultants offer highly flexible engagement models for outbound call center services:

  • Lead Generation / Qualification
  • Surveys
  • Direct Mail Follow-up
  • Trade Show Follow-up
  • Grand Opening, Or Special Event
  • Recruiting
  • Up-Selling / Cross-Selling
  • B2B or B2C Product/Service Selling

Get Quotations

Each inquiry you receive is a bright opportunity! Inquiries for quotations must be utilized to analyze your prospective client’s domain, niche, needs, and whether they’re requesting the right kind of products and services from the platter that you offer. Every inquiry adds data to your client database. We help you in deriving quotations for products/services whenever required, to make your responses quicker and your work overhead lesser!

Web Live Chat

Quick and efficient live chat support services by Capricorn Consultants ensure that your website visitor stays engaged and satisfied with your products and services. Our live chat support services can help you respond to your customers, right when they need interaction with your brand.

We answer queries and provide quick solutions to customers of for all kind of businesses. Our live chat support services not only improve your business process, but propel your profits by creative a better avenue for conversion.

Email Support

Capricorn Consultants offer Email support services in order to facilitate quick responses to your customers. Our agents respond immediately using formatted replies, or forward the email to the concerned person or department. This veracity on email support helps you retain your customers and portray a professional persona for your brand or organization.

With deep domain expertise and proven ways of quickly understanding your products and services, we respond swiftly using knowledge bases and reaction templates. Be it support emails, grievance mails, or service requests, Capricorn Consultants can handle it for you.