October 11, 2017

eCommerce Seller On-boarding Services

The very USP of a multi-vendor portal is undoubtedly its sellers! The more sellers you have, the more varied your products are! But what keeps you from growing the number of sellers on your portal?

  • Do you realize that smooth seller onboarding is the most important phase in your business process?
  • Are you letting your sellers walk away thanks to lengthy articles and tutorial videos?

Sellers already identify the win-win situation in online selling, especially with logistics and platform already taken care of. Then what do you think keeps them from enrolling with your portal? It’s called a steep learning curve. What sellers need is personalized support that encourages and enables them to swiftly engage in a synergistically beneficial relationship with you. Hiring us is about making it happen!

What we do:

We simplify it for the seller. Capricorn Consultants have an in-depth understanding of the challenges your prospective sellers face. This is why our services are tailored towards addressing their roadblocks to ideally work in your favor. We can help your prospective Sellers with on-call or on-field assistance. Seamless and swift seller onboarding is our promise.

The team at Capricorn Consultants can introduce as well as guide your sellers to online selling using your portal. In-depth training sessions cover registration, advantages, packaging, portal features, cataloging, logistics, return policies, commission structure, and other important aspects that sellers need to understand.

Pre-seller Activation:

  • Generating qualifying leads
  • Seller profiling and requirement analysis
  • Menu driven data collection and validations
  • Seller activation/account creation
  • Seller training about the T&C and guidelines
  • Launch Seller on seller panel and products upload

Post-seller Activation:

  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to sellers
  • Addressing all seller queries and concerns
  • Providing regular seller training over the channels they prefer
  • Collecting seller feedback and ensuring complete seller satisfaction